Finding a Corporate Holiday Party Venue is Easy if you know how

Companies are only as successful as their employees are happy and satisfied. This being said, it’s clear that aside from work, the collective needs to have some fun too. When the holidays come, like Halloween, or Christmas, it’s great to set up a party and have fun with the employees.

As a great manager, you should organize this party. The team that works with you will be thrilled. This is also good for bonding and team building. People will get to know each other and learn more about themselves, which ultimately improves the atmosphere within the company. See why parties are valuable here.

Finding the best place for the party is not easy. You can’t do it in the office, which means you must find a venue that will be perfect. To do it, you need to know a couple of things that will help you get the job done. We’re here to help you locate the best place for the party. Keep up and see what to mind and how to find it.

1. Look for a venue close to your office

Many business owners will not mind this thinking that it is not important, but to be sure that everyone will be happy with the location, you need to find a venue that will be close to your offices. This way, no one will get to argue about it, because it will be just like coming to work.

Changing it means you’ll make it more accessible to some, but others might not even be able to make it there. Instead, you should find a place that will be close to the actual office, and be sure that no one will mind where it is located.

2. Make sure it’s big enough to acquire every one

Depending on the size of your company, you may need a huge venue, or something smaller. In both cases, you need to think about it and be sure that you’re looking for an adequate size. If you have a dozen employees, a small café will be just enough, but if you have a 100, then you might want to look for a bar or a discotheque.

Be aware of the fact that inviting people over and allowing other guests to come inside too will increase the number significantly. Always look for a place that will accept more people than you have planned initially.

3. Find out if they allow extra entertainment

It’s an important question – do they allow extra entertainment inside the place. A great corporate party is one where you’ll involve some dancing, magicians, or something of your interest. Some places won’t allow you to have these people inside entertaining.

Especially if you’re thinking about adult entertaining, most venues will say you’re not allowed. Before organizing anything, you must talk to their owners and be sure that you can do whatever it is that you had your mind wrapped around.

4. Check with food and drinks

If you’re going to a venue that is only a roof over your head and there’s no service whatsoever, you’ll want to hire some catering and get some food and drinks. There’s no party without some beverages and some snacks. If you like the idea of having some more fun, you’ll need to include alcohol.

This is an additional issue that you need to mind because you might need some special permits to make sure you’re eligible for having and consuming alcohol. If you don’t like to deal with these issues, then just find a place that will have everything prepared and you won’t need to bother with anything.

5. See reviews about the place

What previous clients of the place say about it can help you tremendously in making a decision. Go through the reviews and the comments and check out if people are satisfied. Looking at these reviews, you’ll also get more company party ideas and see what you should avoid and look for.

When you have people telling you their stories about how everything went for them, it will be much easier for you to get things done. The reviews will also show if you should avoid some places, or choose others. It’s not easy picking the right place, but reviews are most helpful.

6. Compare pricing

Compare the pricing among potential choices and see if someone asks for much higher amounts than others. You don’t have to go with the most affordable option, but at the same time, you don’t want to pay for a party like you’re a rock star.

Imagine how much you’ll spend if you have 50 employees. Drinks, food, entertainment, and venue may cost over $100,000. This amount is tremendously high for a medium company, and the money can be invested in something more valuable. Go through the details and choose an affordable price.


Without a question choosing the right place for a corporate party deserves enough research. If you don’t have the time to do it, dedicate the task to some of your employees, or hire a party organizer. Whatever you choose, be sure that picking the venue out of the many is essential. See more about party organizing here:

If you don’t pick the right one, your party will be lame, your employees won’t have fun, and the overall satisfaction will be poor. As the party goes on Sunday, so will the atmosphere be in the office on Monday.