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Sweeten Your Wedding Day with the Latest Cake Trends in Canada: Inspiration and Ideas for Canadian Brides

Hey Canadian brides-to-be, are you on the hunt for the latest wedding cake trends? Look no further than Today’s Bride for all the inspiration you need to wow your guests.

Gone are the days of the traditional white wedding cake. Today’s brides are opting for unique and creative cakes that reflect their personalities and wedding themes. One trend that’s gaining popularity is incorporating metallic accents into your cake, such as gold or silver leaf, for a luxurious and elegant look.

Another popular trend is the naked cake, which features minimal frosting and allows the cake layers to shine through. This can be a great option for a rustic or outdoor wedding.

If you’re looking to add some fun to your cake, consider opting for a unique flavor or incorporating a dessert bar featuring a variety of sweets. You could even opt for a non-traditional cake alternative, such as cupcakes or donuts.

At Today’s Bride, we understand the importance of finding the perfect wedding cake to not only satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth, but also to tie in with your wedding theme and aesthetic. That’s why we’re here to help with the latest trends and ideas to make your wedding cake stand out.

So why not check out our latest articles and get inspired for your big day? Whether you’re into metallic accents, naked cakes, or non-traditional desserts, we’ve got you covered. Let us help make your wedding day as sweet and memorable as possible!

Three Reasons You Should Pick a Golf Hotel for Your Wedding Venue

Planning for you wedding venue is usually a straight-forward affair, though a golf hotel may not be the first thing that comes to mind.  However, many reasons exist as to why a golf hotel could be the perfect venue for your wedding. Like golf courses themselves, golf hotels tend to be set in the midst of beautiful countryside. As they are welcoming guests from around the world all year long, and sometimes hosting the world’s golfing elite during prestigious tournaments, golf hotels are perfectly placed to offer the impeccable cuisine and service you need on your wedding day.

Beautiful locations

Most golf hotels are set in beautiful countryside, whether in the rolling hills of Scotland or the stunning coastline of Cornwall.

• Find an area that looks amazing, often perfect for quiet walks with your loved one, dreaming of your future, picking children’s names or simply squeezing one another’s hand as you stroll by the sea. If you like walks, you’ll love a golf hotel.

• Golf courses are often built near the sea. The name for this is links, deriving from the old Scottish language. So if you’d like to hear the waves and feel sand between your toes, there will be plenty of options available!

Brilliant facilities

Golf hotels are among the most beautiful in the country. Golf hotels are often very luxurious with everything you could ever need.

• Golf hotels tend to be more luxurious than your average hotel. This is because they usually attract a high calibre of guest: Tiger Woods is playing the Open and needs a place to stay; Simon and Mike are on a golf holiday to close a business deal together.

• You could arrange golf for you or some of your guests. After all, you are getting married at a golf hotel!

Top class service

Golf hotels can’t be beaten for service. They are used to servicing the most demanding of guests, so their standards are always high. Take, for example, The Westerwood Hotel and Golf Resort based in Glasgow. Seve Ballesteros designed the course. If you don’t get a chance to play the course, at least find the time to walk over and marvel at the Waterfall Hole, the course’s 15th.  Hitting from above the green, this tricky little par 3 has a 60ft rock face to contend with. On the course or in the hotel, expect to be treated like a king.

And if you needed even more of a reason for a lush marquee setting, remember you’ll usually have the facility to bolt on a marquee to cover all your guests, if required. And if you’d like to consider this alternative then check out Crystal Marquee hire in Surrey; they offer a vast range of marquee services.

Tips to Buy Perfect Wedding Jewelry

A wedding is a standout amongst the most critical events in a woman’s life. Everything should be the best – from the shifted rundown of dresses to wear on various wedding functions to finding the ideal adornments. After all, it is tied in with putting their best self forward on the D-day. Purchasing marriage gold adornments sets is anything but a straightforward errand however one that may abandon you puzzled thus, it is basic that one ought to devote a decent measure of time to purchase the ideal jewelry sets for their wedding events and functions.

Tips to locate the Best Bridal Jewelry

Before you even get down to pick your marriage jewelry, choose your wedding outfit and choose a wedding cake. A noteworthy choice to get the privilege coordinating gold adornments sets for the woman of the hour to be relied upon the out that you intend to wear.

  1. From bangles to the neckband set and each other extra, pick the adornments that coordinate your outfit to the ideal dimensions.
  2. However, you should guarantee that the general appearance does not make you look excessively much than what is required. Being unobtrusive with the correct jewelry that emphasizes your magnificence is the ideal jewelry for your wedding.
  3. Always endeavor to make do with something that makes you look rich and snappy, and not very lively.
  4. Try to pick jewelry that suits your facial highlights and body structure.
  5. Choose your wedding adornments in understanding of the season and time of marriage. For instance, in the event that it is multi-day wedding, at that point picking an unobtrusive look is prudent though on the off chance that you are getting married in the late nighttimes or night, at that point ostentatious jewelry can embellish you great.
  6. Choose the jewelry that coordinates your skin tone. Gold jewelry looks exceptionally beautiful on all skin tones, gave the structures and carvings coordinate your highlights
  7. Do not put resources into jewelry that can’t be worn once more. Rather, settle on a savvy decision by picking the jewelry pieces that can be worn on various events even after your wedding.

Tips to choose the ideal shade of your hair

After a great investigative investigation, the henna place professionals give you secrets, tips and tricks on henna and plant coloring!If henna attacks hair much less than chemical staining, it is better to be informed about its properties before using it.

Henna is a product of North African origin; it comes from the leaves of a small shrub.This plant has a dye that is known to, among other things; give a mahogany hue to the hair. There is also neutral henna that does not stain.

To color the hair with henna

Before experiencing the henna on the heads definitely take advice from professionals.

Why make henna?

In addition to its coloring, henna cleanses and purifies the scalp and regulates the sebum of fatty roots. It also gives volume, thickness to fine hair, strengthens and sheaths the hair fiber, provides shine to the hair and protects it from external aggressions.The henna orange-red tinted molecule mixes with keratin to surround the pigments of the hair. That’s why color varies from person to person.

Unlike chemical staining, henna is deposited on the hair without covering the shell. It is for this reason that the natural color of your hair will always be visible by transparency.

How to prepare his henna?

Henna powder should be put in a salad bowl; hot water poured in and mixed with a wooden or silicone utensil (whisk or spoon). Avoid metal utensils because of oxidation.Henna preparations are sometimes greener than other colors! It does not have the same taste as the cake dough!

How much powder and water should you use?

The amount varies depending on your length and your hair thickness.What you should know is that the consistency should look like that of a cream, neither too liquid nor too compact!It can vary from 50g to 200g of henna according to the scalps. As for the water, it’s up to you to measure so that the result is unctuous.

What can you add in your henna preparation?

To give your henna a touch of nutrition and hydration, there are several possibilities:

    • You can put one or more vegetable oils or Aloe Vera gel (1 or 2 tablespoons).
    • It is possible to incorporate essential oils (to avoid if you are pregnant, if you breastfeed or if you are in the presence of a young child) to stimulate the growth and beautify the hair.
    • It may seem surprising but you can also put preferably flavored yoghurt. So the henna will feel a little less grass cut, your hair will be more hydrated and this tip will help you during the application of the product.
    • Honey and glycerin also work; it’s up to you to see what you prefer and what suits you best.
  • And adding lemon juice at the end of the preparation helps to fix the pigments.

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