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Tips for designing a successful e-commerce website

It is no secret that electronic commerce is reaching more and more consumers in the world every day. The reasons for this rise in internet sales are, among others, the savings in travel time and ranks, the increase in trust among consumers, the variety of offers compared to physical stores and the different payment options available.

But what are the best practices to start selling online effectively?

The design of your website is a crucial factor when it comes to increasing the conversion rate. For the design of your virtual store you must think about your goals: generate sales. Therefore, the entire design should be focused on taking the user to choose a product and buy it. It differs greatly in the design of an informative website. Find below some tips that will allow you to improve the design of your e-commerce site and increase your sales by up to 60%. Or else you can also hire a good at ecommerce website design professional.

Help your users find what they are looking for:

For a new buyer, the location and classification of the products on your website will be unknown. Installing a search engine in a visible place (preferably in the upper right corner) organizing the menu in a simple way with clear categories and minimizing the number of clicks to reach the products, will increase the possibilities of purchase.

Think of a social shopping experience:

The opinion of other people is important when making a decision, especially if it is a purchase decision; the comments or ratings of your products will improve the perception of your brand. It is also useful to integrate presence in social networks, blogs and forums that allow your customers to resolve doubts.

Secure the purchase through the images:

Photographs should not only be aesthetically pleasing, they should also show the detail of your product, the different functions, the size, the material and the available options. In this particular case more is better, more images allow your client to better understand your product and be more secure when buying it. If possible, add videos that show the use of the product. It is very effective in costume products.

Design a universal website:

Your web page must be compatible with all browsers and devices. From Internet Explorer to Google Chrome, different browsers can modify the design of your page; that is why it is important to ensure a correct visualization in each of them. Additionally, you must not forget that there are also a variety of devices, each with different screen sizes and resolutions. Techniques such as Responsive Design solve problems and help your page to be visible correctly in all sizes of devices.

Finally do not forget that the button Buy or Add to the cart, must be relevant on the page of each product, highlight it from the rest of the page either by color or size will help your customer see it easily. If you really want to discover Singapore businesses, you must follow these points.